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Contoured Back with Scapular Relief

Bio Dynamics will custom manufacture contoured backs with varying degrees of contour. Absent of a cast (mold), we will usually provide a gentle contour while leaving the sides of the back “unglued” so the R.T.S. can do an “interim” fitting of the back with the consumer. We will arm the R.T.S. with foam wedges to modify the degree of contour during fitting. After fitting, we will upholster the back with the material of choice.

Manufacturer : Bio Dynamics



In order to help patients with kyphotic posture (caused by the contours of the back), Bio Dynamics developed the contoured back with scapular relief.

This back gives the amount of contour desired by the seating team, while flattening out just below the scapulars. This promotes upper trunk extension while offering lower trunk stability.

Critical to the success of this back are the dimensions of height to the scapulars as well as the degree of contour.

Manufacturer : Bio Dynamics




The Jay Basic Back is the answer to the growing demand for a backrest (hard shell) that increases seating tolerance and overall chair performance by adding a rigid component to the wheelchair. Unlike sling backrest upholstery, which tends to stretch out over time and take on a curved shape, the Jay Basic Back maintains its shape and provides excellent long-term postural support.

Manufacturer : Sunrise



The J2 Deep Contour Cushion is an ultra lightweight, pre-contoured foam base with a 3D Jay Flow™ Fluid Tri-Pad. It is designed for the person at extremely high risk of skin breakdown, who also seeks unparalleled comfort and stability.

Manufacture : Sunrise




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