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The EasyPulse5 has a 5.7 to 1 conserving ratio.
If the patient breathes faster, the minute volume is controlled to deliver only the prescribed amount of oxygen which allows for predictable cylinder duration.

The EasyPulse5 is only 4.75 inches long and weighs a mere 10.4 ounces making it the smallest and lightest conserving regulator available. It delivers a front loaded tapered wave form and the entire bolus of oxygen is delivered in the first third of the inspiratory phase.

Manufacturer: Precison



The Digit Finger Oximeter delivers fast, reliable oximetry in an extremely handy, pocket-size solution by combining the monitor and sensor into one unit. While it's small in size, Digit is big on performance, providing SpO2, pulse rate and pulse strength measurements on patients from pediatric to adult.

Manufacturer : Respironics





Oxygen Cylinders, varying sizes.

                                                                        Manufacturer : Aerox




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