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CPAP S8 Compact is small and travel friendly. It uses an integrated heated humidifier that can be used for everyday use or on the road. Up to 40% of nasal CPAP users experience nasal congestion and dryness of the nose and throat. The warm, moist air that humidification provides has been proven to relieve symptoms of dryness and can make therapy more comfortable.
CPAP S8 features a flip-top lid design so there is no need to remove a tube to refill the water chamber.

Manufacturer : Resmed






Bilevel positive airway pressure devices provide comfortable, convenient, and quiet therapy for people with obstructive sleep apnea and complicating factors, such as restrictive or obstructive lung disease.
Many patients use bilevel devices because they need a lower pressure during exhalation. The lower pressure makes treatment more comfortable.

Optional integrated humidification meets your varying needs with changing symptoms and seasons. Patient adjustable ramp time starts therapy gradually so you can fall asleep easily (0-45 minutes). SmartStart™ feature automatically starts and stops your device. Mask-fitting feature verifies that your mask has a good air seal

Manufacturer : Resmed


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