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Home Medical Equipment

Oxygen Therapy



The Eclipse means extended travel without the fear of running out of oxygen. Just plug the Eclipse into your auto accessory (lighter) outlet and go as far and as long as you like.
It provides up to 3 LPM continuous flow oxygen for nocturnal use, exercise, or day to day activities. It is easy to use, easy to clean, easy to service.  The unit uses low electrical consumption which means less heat, noise and a longer life. Lightweight and easy to move, the Eclipse is the perfect home concentrator.

Manufacturer: Sequal








At less than 5 lb, FreeStyle is the only portable oxygen concentrator tailored specifically for those patients who know no boundaries. This portable concentrator offers the same weight advantage of a contents-based system, yet provides an unlimited supply of oxygen. FreeStyle's miniature batteries all fit inconspicuously in an exclusively-designed accompanying AirBelt. This battery belt offers not only function but fashion for those who won't leave home without the assurance of additional hours on FreeStyle.

Manufacturer : Airsep







Companion Liquid Oxygen Reservoirs offer high quality and reliability. The proven vessel design of these reservoirs is rugged and easy to use. Low maintenance and long life make them cost-effective to own. Enhanced insulation system decreases evaporative oxygen losses. Built-in flow control valve provides 11 standard settings from 1/4 to 6 LPM. Mechanical contents indicators give reliable readings of remaining oxygen levels. No batteries required.

Manufacturer : Mallinkrodt






With amazingly small, lightweight and long lasting portable units, the HELiOS Personal Oxygen System encourages an active lifestyle for long-term oxygen therapy patients. The HELiOS Plus H300 Portable Oxygen Unit weighs only 3.6 pounds filled, enabling patients to wear it rather than carry it. The HELiOS system is also extremely economical. Its pneumatic oxygen conserving device gives it a conservation ratio over continuous flow oxygen of approximately 4:1. This allows the HELiOS Plus unit to provide up to 10 hours of use at a setting of 2.

Manufacturer : Mallinkrodt





The HomeFill II Oxygen Compressor is a complete home oxygen system that revolutionizes ambulatory oxygen by allowing patients to fill their own high-pressure cylinders from a concentrator. The HomeFill is a multi-stage pump that simply and safely compresses oxygen from a specially equipped Invacare 5-liter concentrator into oxygen cylinders in sizes ML4, ML6 and M9(C). The ability to fill their own cylinders gives ambulatory patients greater independence and freedom.

Manufacturer : Invacare





iFill Personal Oxygen Station is the only stand alone oxygen filling station on the market. With this unique design, patients can use and store their iFill virtually anywhere in their home minimizing the noise and disruption to the patients life. Additionally, the iFill can be used in conjunction with any concentrator. Cylinders can be refilled as often as needed.

Manufacturer : Devilbiss




iFill provides the flexibility to fill most cylinder sizes including M6,ML6,C,D and E. Choice of PulseDose Oxygen Conserving Device interface or Regulator interface.

Manufacturer : Devilbiss


iFill lets users fill their cylinders in just a little over an hour - not the two hours it can take with other in-home oxygen filling units. Shorter fill times save energy costs. Partially filled cylinders can be easily topped off, and the iFill will automatically shut off when filling is complete.

Manufacturer : Devilbiss




At home and on the go, the Inogen One helps you achieves the independence that you've been missing - not just for running errands, or short trips out of the house. You can now take off on a moment's notice without having to watch the clock or guess how long your oxygen will last. The Inogen One can be used as a stationary device or a portable one.

Manufacturer:  Evo




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